Our Contributors

Rob Dingman, Manager of Artist and Craftsman Supply (307 Market St. in Philadelphia, PA), has just generously donated free art kits for all participating students at our B. Free art workshop!

Joe Turner, expert on visual storytelling from Atomic City Comics, will guide our art workshop students. Atomic City is donating gift books to the ambassador/mentors and offering a one day 20% discount to all participating students. Read all about  Atomic City Joe!
Lenny Wainstein, jazz musician, has graciously offered to play at B. Free with his musician buddies. These guys are really good!
Cups & Chairs tea shop @ 5th & Monroe is supplying cookies!
The Expressive Hand, pottery works at 9th and Bainbridge Sts., donated “pottery bucks” to B. Free students towards classes!
The Art Center donated discount coupons for art classes!
Camden Printworks is donating free printing for our B. Free t-shirts!
Rita’s Waterice on South St., Philadelphia is donating a 5 gallon bucket of water ice for the workshop students!
Shira Prusky is donating 4 dozen cupcakes of her own design!
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